Bisham Manor


We appreciate our friends and valued customers.
Here are some of the kind remarks we have received about their
experiences at Bisham Manor.


Ms. Trish…. I wanted to follow up with you and Neil to say how much I appreciated your efforts, hospitality, and quality of service at our Christmas Party Saturday night at your Bisham Manor venue.  During this week, I’ve had several comments from the folks here about how much they enjoyed the place, the food, and the sense of being in a comfortable environment….. many saying it was one of the nicest of such events they’ve ever attended….. spouses and my staff members alike.
  On a couple of personal notes, I am grateful for the “ownership” your staff assumed in the planning and execution of the event.  Rarely in my career, have I had such events that didn’t require constant follow up, direction,  and seemingly endless questions of what more needed to be done.  From the initial conversations with my staff, your team accepted full responsibility for seeing every aspect of the event through and they left nothing undone.    From the valets to the young ladies taking empty plates from the tables, the COMPLETE Bisham staff exemplified the highest standards of politeness and hospitality.   It is refreshing to see so many young people exhibit those levels of behavior on a Saturday evening that I’m sure they would have preferred to be spent doing something more fun.

  Please pass along the compliments and appreciation of the KMMG Paint Shop to your team there, along with our collective wishes of Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to you all!  We had a great time!

   P.S.   Let your daughter know that the little cork reindeer has secured its own spot within my wife’s “Special Wine Bottle” collection at home.

Rick Douglas, Sr. Manager/HOD - Paint
Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia