Bisham Manor

Bisham Manor

Southern Hospitality

Our magnificent estate provides a unique and enchanting
setting for almost any kind of celebration or gathering one could imagine.
The huge manor house blends the flavor of an English Tudor castle
with all the luxuries of a modern home.
Immaculately kept gardens and lawns complete the idyllic setting.
Every event will be custom designed and tailored
to meet the customer’s highest expectations.
Make your special occasion a delightful dream come true at Bisham Manor and Event Center.

We are a full service venue, offering unparalleled food, beverage, and other amenities.
Give us a call! Now Booking for 2014! 706/884-7908

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make Bisham Manor a blessing to the community,
as we honor the legacy of the property and of the manor’s
namesake while providing a venue for
many happy occasions.